Lime Venue Portfolio

Role(s): Director, Creative Lead, Video Editor.


Lime Venue Portfolio reached out to me to create their submission video for the MIA List Awards 2021.

To create a 5-min or less video that demonstrated the team’s camaraderie, commitment to the events industry and the key pillars they held to to get them and the industry through 2020 and beyond.


  • less than 1-week to shoot, create and deliver.
  • Very limited LVP staff availability
  • Due to Lockdown, staff are only available via Zoom.

To do this, I created a storyboard around their daily ’10 at 10(am)’ coffee mornings which the team did not only for themselves but also for any clients who wished to join. In addition, the structure was set out to parallel their submission slideshow focusing on the key pillars–Sticking to the Knitting, You Matter & Innovation.

Then, due to various staff locations and limited availability, we filmed a conversation via zoom where I asked a series of questions that I could edit the responses of.

The film was then edited over a Bank Holiday Weekend in order to be delivered on the Tuesday morning for submission to MIA List by noon the same day.

We had a last-minute brief to produce a film, with a short turnaround time and DRGNFLY Productions LTD we’re amazing. Despite the challenges, they filmed our staff remotely, ensuring all key messages were captured edited out of ‘normal’ hours to ensure our deadline could be met. We are so happy with the result, THANK YOU!

Jenner, LVP Head of Marketing

For more on MIA and this entry:

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