Music Video – Soul Plane

Roles(s): Video Director, Video Producer and Editor.


I was approached to produce and edit the video using Chaka Khan’s “Like Sugar” video as a reference but with a funky Hip-hop flavour.

The biggest challenge was that everyone was in Lockdown and managing this was 100% remotely and for casting we firstly put out a request via our social channels with a blurb to set the scene that asking people to get in touch if they wished to learn more and get involved. We sent them similar music and asked them to audition by sending us a dance video to this music.

NDA’s were sent and a tech brief for filming followed, which was our next challenge: How can we maintain good video quality and continuity from these varied sources without them buying equipment or interrupting their flow?


  • Using a phone made within the last 2-3 years
  • Recording in 1080p
  • Landscape
  • Well Lit using good natural lighting
  • Record a 3x videos of your dancing.
    • Video 1 wide shot with you full length dancing in the centre to the full track
    • Video 2 Mid shot of you on the spot just rocking to the full track
    • Video 3 freestyle, however else you want to express yourself to the full track – moving across the camera coming in/out of shot. camera on the floor, hanging from the ceiling. Whatever creative ideas you have to the full track.

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