DRGNFLY Productions Ltd

Role(s): Company Director, Video Producer, Photographer, Videographer.

Working for DRGNFLY Productions Ltd my role was varied and often Produced video content for our Events clients and Venues for their various channels.

Including business development and CRM, my role as a Producer includes (but not limited to):

  • Working closely with stakeholders and their teams to understand their initial brief/concepts and desired outcomes and to manage refine their ideas to meet their budget, needs/goals and ROI. and align all with the expectations.
  • Establish project deliverables, allocate resources and set deadlines
  • Collaborate closely with the Director/Videographer and Stakeholders via Pre-Production Meetings (PPM) to help facilitate and develop the creative.
  • Plan video shoots
  • Develop production schedules
  • Select and hire talent
  • Manage logistics
  • Manage content delivery and change requests.

I invite you review this Playlist of 10 videos:

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