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I’m Darren – a creative guy with a camera who loves taking photographs that capture the moments, tell a story, make you think, evoke a response or take you to a place.



I’m London-based and to-date, I’ve focused my photography on Weddings, Live Events, Travel and my playground – London, and have recently come first place the Event Photography Awards competition for the Experiential Event category.


What can I do for you? 

I understand that events are about getting people together, engaging them, interacting with them and connecting them with your event and/or brand.  I offer a quality event photography service that produces images that tell the ystory of your event in an intimate and holistic way – from start to finish, candid to posed, reportage to creative, landscape to portrait…

Do you want to get to know and grow your audience?

I understand that it’s important that we, as events professionals, get to know our audience and go about building personal connections with them.    Additionally, to get to know and grow your audience, a Visual Marketing strategy enables you to capture the moments and share them in vivid detail across social channels and provide with the untold live social media impression story for the life-cycle of each image for up to a year after your event.

For me, photography gives us the ability to see into the past, it’s who we were and who we are – a visual record of our time and the things we do and transforms what can be forgotten into unforgettable. It shares remarkable – This is what motivates me to produce images that speak to you the viewer and capture and portray the true nature of their content.

I look forward to capturing a chapter of your story – big or small – and helping you to build personal connections with your audience.

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